Bodybuilding Training

Bodybuilding Training 1

When it comes to bodybuilding, training is just as important as diet. Bodybuilding training is composed mostly of weight training exercises. If you want to gain muscle you need to lift weights. Weight training is the key to sculpting and shaping your body. Bodybuilding workout routine consists of three primary weight lifting exercises: squats, deadlift, and bench press. These three major exercises are the most effective for developing a good entirŠµ body. These basic exercises train the major muscle groups like the back, chest, and legs.

Each exercise should consist of 3-4 sets, and each set should consist of 8-12 repetitions. For maximum hypertrophy, rest between sets should be limited to 60-90 seconds. Exercise intensity should be gradually increased over a period of time. You can increase the exercise intensity by adding more weights. In order to avoid over-training, you need to take a day to rest in between training days. Rest is very important for muscle growth and recovery.

Bench Press

Bodybuilding Training 2

The bench press is the most common upper body exercise. Bench press is primarily done to target the chest muscles. It is an excellent way to develop your upper body in general. The bench press can be done in three different ways: flat, inclined, and declined presses. This weight lifting exercise can be performed with both a barbell and dumbbells.


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The deadlift is the king of full body heavy compound exercises. It is a full-body exercise that works muscles from your neck to your calves. The main purpose of the deadlift exercise is to develop lower back muscles. The deadlift is also a great way for increasing full-body strength. Performing the deadlift with proper technique is crucial for reducing your chances of injury.


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Squats are a lower body exercise, which targets the quadriceps and the glutes. Heavy squats can help increase the production of testosterone in your body. Most people don't do squats, because it's really hard to do and they are to lazy. Doing squats well isn't an easy thing, especially if you're going heavy. Make sure that you are squatting with the perfect form. Legs are very important parts of the body. So don't skip your leg day and do some squats!


Rest is an important part of a bodybuilding training program. Did you know that your muscles grow when they are at rest? Your muscles need time to repair and recover from stress. Avoid over-training by giving your muscles 48 hours to recover between weight-training workouts. Make sure to get enough sleep, in order to allow your body to recover from workouts.

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Tips for Bodybuilding

  1. Lift heavy weights in order to gain lean muscle mass.
  2. Gradually increase the weight to a comfortable and safe amount.
  3. Give your body time to rest and recover.
  4. Make sure to sleep at least 8 hours a night.
  5. Don't forget to do warm-up exercises before any workout.
  6. Eat a well balanced diet rich in proteins.
  7. Aim to consume 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body-weight.
  8. Stay properly hydrated by drinking enough water during your workout.
  9. Listen to your body, it can tell you what it needs.
  10. Avoid workout plateau by doing a variety of different exercises.
  11. Always perform exercises with proper technique in order to achieve optimal outcome and prevent injury.
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