The Oatmeal Diet

The Oatmeal Diet 1

The Oatmeal Diet usually consists of eating oatmeal at every major meal. Along with the oatmeal you can eat a small serving of other food such as skim milk, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Oats are a great source of carbohydrates, which provides the human body with necessary energy. The calories you intake on the first week should only be about 900-1200 calories per day. The first 7 days of the oatmeal diet, you should to eat nothing but oatmeal. After the first week, you can add other foods like berries, fruits and vegetables, but you must still eat oatmeal with every major meal.

For the next 30 days you can increase your caloric intake to 1000-1300 calories per day. After 30 days you may begin to eat your normal diet while continuing with one meal and one snack of oatmeal daily. Oatmeal is low in calories and high in soluble fiber, which helps to promote a feeling of fullness after meals. If done properly, the oatmeal diet can be a great way to lose weight. If you love oatmeal and want to lose weight this diet may be an optimal choice for you. It is also recommended to exercise 3-4 times a week for at least 30 minutes. Don't go for more than two days in a row without exercise.


The Oatmeal Diet 2

Eating oats regularly has many health benefits. Oatmeal is perfect for people who want to lose weight, as it is filling and low in calories. Oats are high in soluble fiber, which helps you feel fuller after meals. People following this diet have lower blood cholesterol levels. It can also reduce your blood pressure, which is closely linked to stroke and heart disease. Studies have shown that eating a oatmeal diet may lower the risk of diabetes, obesity and certain types of cancer. In addition, oatmeal is rich in minerals such as Zinc and Selenium that are vital for improving your immunity. Oatmeal is easy to make and gives you the energy to begin your day. Compared with other foods oats are cheap, which makes it a good choice for your wallet.


The Oatmeal Diet 3

Cereals: Whole-grain Oats
Dairy: Skim Milk, Low fat Yogurt
Drinks: Water, Fruit juice, Tea
Fruits: Bananas, Apples, Plums, Oranges, Kiwis, Grapes, Raisins, Pears, Peaches, Melons, etc.
Vegetables: Carrots, Broccoli, Spinach, Brussels sprouts, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Kale, etc.
Berries: Blueberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, etc.
Nuts: Almonds, Walnuts, Brazil nuts, Hazelnuts
Seeds: Hemp seeds, Flaxseeds, Chia seeds


  1. Read labels carefully. Look for whole oats, oatmeal, or oat bran as the first ingredient.
  2. Make sure to drink plenty of water during the day. It helps your digestive system, kidneys and whole system function properly.
  3. Don't forget to exercise in order to lose weight and stay healthy. Exercise at least 3-4 times a week.
  4. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Sleep at least 8 hours a night.
  5. Don't forget to add fruits, vegetables and berries to your diet.
  6. Watch your daily caloric intake.
  7. Avoid eating processed and refined oats.
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